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V.I.S.I.T. (VATHSAYANA Institute for Sexual Insight & Therapy) Institute is established with an aim to give comprehensive education to Pre & Post-marital individuals or couples for their sexual insight and to resolve sex related problems, myths and misconceptions. V.I.S.I.T. delivers the sex knowledge by group Workshops or by Individual and/or Couple separately. The Institute also has another important goal of training various paramedical individuals, biology graduates, general counselors and general Psychologists in gaining knowledge and skills in this field to practice as SEXUAL COUNSELORS in society later on. In addition, when an individual come with some Psycho sexual problem his problem is taken up individually by evaluation procedure in diagnosing (finding the cause of) sexual problems before actual therapy. The consultant obtains a detailed sexual history (preferably from both partners in case of couples) and performs a thorough physical examination. Certain tests are carried out as per the requirement of the case and then therapy starts as per standard scientific (Allopathic) methods.


Test Data
Test Data

V.I.S.I.T. also has expertise in conducting Lectures in Colleges/Schools on Sexual Awareness & Sex Education. Similar programs are conducted for Corporate Companies, if they want to conduct Lectures in their company premises for the welfare of their staff.

Research & Development works and clinical Trials are taken up in V.I.S.I.T. in the field of Human Sexuality and Therapy Methods for product development, testing and new molecule testing etc. Dissemination of knowledge in recent trends and discoveries in this field are done through Journal Publications, TV shows, magazines, Blogs, Radio, social interaction sites and other media.

V.I.S.I.T. can provide guidance to individuals for their needs in Gender Identity issues leading to Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS); and to those couples for their infertility problems by Guiding in Best available Assisted Fertility methods.

V.I.S.I.T. also has an extra arm of treatment window i.e., by E-Consultancy by Skype, G talk, telephone talks for individuals who are from a distance and who cannot visit the clinic due to various reasons.

Laboratory tests are carried out as per the need of case which includes :

  • Biochemical tests.
  • Hormone assays.
  • Penile hemodynamic studies.
  • Nerve conduction studies.
  • Ultrasound scans, Doppler studies.
  • Rigiscan.
  • Psychological assessment tests.
  • Once the causative factor is identified, a treatment strategy is offered to the client / couple.

The treatment strategies include :

  • Sex Counseling.
  • Sex Therapy.
  • Pharmacotherapy (treatment with medicines).
  • Surgical therapy, if required by referral to appropriate surgeons.
  • Hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
  • Vacuum suction devices.
  • Penile (intracavernous) injections.
  • Behavior modification therapy.
  • Supportive psychotherapy.
  • Marriage preparation / enrichment programmes.
  • Health education programmes for the general public.
  • Training programmes, relating to human sexuality, for health care professionals.
  • Library – cum – documentation centre.
  • Information services.


VATHSAYANA Assisted Fertility GuidanceIn India, Sex education is virtually not available in Schools and Colleges. Indian culture traditionally doesn’t allow open and scientific talk about sex and considers discussion on sex as bad/sin or wrong. Parents also don’t provide sex education while child is growing into adolescence or before marriage. If Sexual problems happen many do not know where to go and clarify or get treated for such issues. Individuals feel shy or guilty to go to doctor due to stigma. In this scenario, a person is often wonders by a question whether my sexual problems remain confidential?

V.I.S.I.T. Institute treats its client data with the strictest of confidence. We will not share his problem or therapy details unless authorized by him or it is mandatory to give to courts or statutory authorities as per prevailing Government rules & regulations.

Appointment Methods

VATHSAYANA Assisted Fertility GuidanceFor efficient, prompt and systematic work without wasting time of our client, we encourage consultations and Workshops on advanced planning and by appointment system. You can book your appointment for Workshops, Individual/couple counselling through our Institute Website or through Practo and other online appointment platforms (24hrs) OR by telephone calls from 10 to 5PM. While booking appointments you may require giving contact number/email id etc which will help us to call you in the event of having a need to reschedule your appointment. In such unforeseen eventualities you will be immediately provided with a choice for a fresh appointment. Make it a point to arrive at the clinic at least 15-20 minutes before the appointment time. This will allow us to complete the basic formalities before the actual consultation with the doctor.

At times it may take a bit longer for the doctor to finish with other complicated consultations. So, be patient enough to wait for your turn and do schedule your all other work for some other day before turning up for consultation at V.I.S.I.T. Institute. Coming with appointment protocol method will make your consultation effective and easy and prevents wastage of time to you in long waiting hours.

Treatment Protocol

VATHSAYANA Assisted Fertility GuidanceOur Institute like any other modern medical practice follow protocols like recording medical history of a client, physical examination and laboratory investigations to diagnose medical problems. VISIT Institute subscribes to the same scientific approach in addressing medical problems and recommends our clients to co-operate with us in every respect and voluntarily follow these protocols. When a client comes to VISIT Institute for the first time, his or her name will be duly registered and a case record with a code number (if preferred by client for confidentiality) will be assigned by the Institute.

Doctor/Therapist will record the following data in detail :

  • Age, educational background, spouse’s age, occupation and marital status
  • Medical history if any – past / family / personal
  • Drug allergies if any and concurrent medications
  • A detailed history of the current sexual problem
  • In case of married persons, the history of the sexual problem will be obtained from the spouse also
  • When a couple visits the Institute, the partners will be interviewed separately, one after the other
  • Once the history of the sexual problem is recorded from both the partners separately, they will be interviewed together by the doctor/therapist for further discussion or clarification
  • Following the discussion a thorough physical examination will be conducted
  • In the case of women clients, the physical examination will be done by the doctor in the presence of the husband or any other lady attendant. If the woman client so desires then she will be referred to a woman doctor or gynecologist for physical examination and opinion
  • If required then certain laboratory investigations may be done
  • A client is advised to be forthcoming and precise in the answers regarding the sexual problem, in order to save time spent in consultation and to limit the number of laboratory investigations
  • Further to the physical examination and laboratory tests, a client will be briefed on the nature of his/her problems and a treatment strategy will be offered
  • The client may be asked to return for a review, if necessary, on a periodical basis
  • Under no circumstance the confidential reports, details of treatment or any other personal information will be revealed to relatives (parents etc.) or friends unless and until they are personally accompanied by the couple themselves and only after obtaining the full consent of the couple.
  • It is to be understood that doctors can only undertake management of problems in good faith and to the best of their abilities. They cannot offer any guarantee whatsoever in resolving the Medical/Relationship problems at any time and under any condition.

VATHSAYANA Assisted Fertility Guidance

Test Data
Test Data

Doctor's Profile

Dr. Murthy P. S., MBBS, MD, FIPS,

DR P.S.Murthy, after completion of MBBS in 1979, worked in medical profession for the past 36 years in various parts of India and now settled in Bangalore since 2004. He practiced initially as General Medical Practitioner, and then practiced as Behavioral Scientist & Neuro-Psychiatrist for the past 27 years. Psycho sexual dysfunctions -- resulting psychological stress and their management was the area which was his area of speciality. Besides working as Consultant Psychiatrist in Manipal Hospital, Bangalore & various other medical establishments since 2004, he has been popular and well applauded Sexologist in Bangalore for the past many years. He has worked as Professor & HOD of Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine departments in various Medical Colleges and extensively participated in various teaching programmes.


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“General Electric has the privilege of being associated with Dr PS Muthy through employee talks as well as individual consultations”

- General Electic (GE) / Bangalore

We have used the training programme conducted by Dr P S Murthy for our staff in Jan 2016. It has been very effective and helpful in building confidence in our staff. This is a taboo topic and we wanted to experience, awakening of unknown parameters & forwarding such knowledge to our staff. It was a great Lecture.

- Rental Ken / Bangalore


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