Individual / Couple Counseling

VATHSAYANA Assisted Fertility GuidanceSome married or unmarried individual/couple may not like to sit in group workshop and learn or clarify their private queries in group. Such individual/couple may feel that want to have their personal tailor made session with their own set of problems for clarification and counseling purpose. Some may not feel like to be identified or seen by others while attending or getting sexual counseling due to their high social status or shyness. Some couples may require special tests and special individual attention which cannot be done while attending Workshops may prefer these sessions.
Those may prefer few individual and couple counseling sessions either single or combined.
Counseling program will be tailor made after first consultation in individual counseling for such individual/couples. Their interpersonal problems, sexual issues are ascertained; cross checked and therapist will help to resolve those conflicts which may end up in their subsequent happy sexual life. Unresolved sexual issues may disrupt marriages, hence early intervention is required. This kind of problems can happen in early stages of marriage or in middle and later parts of marriage too. Present day hectic life style, lack of time, interpersonal differences and expectations of couple and many other factors are affecting quality of sex life.
A set of 5 sessions (of one hour each) will cost Rs 10000/-. This will be done in mutually convenient day and time preferably in short course of time. Too many or too dragged sessions may be counter-productive also.

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Doctor's Profile

Dr. Murthy P. S., MBBS, MD, FIPS,

DR P.S.Murthy, after completion of MBBS in 1979, worked in medical profession for the past 36 years in various parts of India and now settled in Bangalore since 2004. He practiced initially as General Medical Practitioner, and then practiced as Behavioral Scientist & Neuro-Psychiatrist for the past 27 years. Psycho sexual dysfunctions -- resulting psychological stress and their management was the area which was his area of speciality. Besides working as Consultant Psychiatrist in Manipal Hospital, Bangalore & various other medical establishments since 2004, he has been popular and well applauded Sexologist in Bangalore for the past many years. He has worked as Professor & HOD of Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine departments in various Medical Colleges and extensively participated in various teaching programmes.


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“General Electric has the privilege of being associated with Dr PS Muthy through employee talks as well as individual consultations”

- General Electic (GE) / Bangalore

We have used the training programme conducted by Dr P S Murthy for our staff in Jan 2016. It has been very effective and helpful in building confidence in our staff. This is a taboo topic and we wanted to experience, awakening of unknown parameters & forwarding such knowledge to our staff. It was a great Lecture.

- Rental Ken / Bangalore


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